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At  Tití’s Magical Spa Palace our program is language Spanish is para of the fun! We are one of the best spanish immersion daycare in cypress based on  Reggio Emilia Curriculum Approach, Spanish immersion daycare programs and many other language schools in cypress.

Our language of instruction is Spanish. We are teaching Spanish trough nature base, exploration, and educational games to support the language skills.

Our teaching method is used to promote multicultural and multilingualism, foundations, whereby instruction takes place in the second language. It simulates a true immersion or study-abroad experience in a local format, where the learners are exposed to the target language and culture for several hours a day.

With young children (ages 18 months-5 years old ), an immersion program is ideal because students play and learn in the target language, oftentimes not realizing they are acquiring a second language. Furthermore, research demonstrates that learning a second language at an early age result in life-long benefits such as improved problem-solving, critical thinking and multitasking skills as well as listening, concentration, and creativity.

“ Been bilingual is about thinking in two worlds”

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Spanish immersion daycare in cypress

Our Spanish Immersion Daycare program follows the NAEYC high standards and provides a high-quality early learning environment where young children are immersed in the Spanish language and culture through nature, play base learning, music, dance, literacy, games, and conversation.
Spanish is not the subject of instruction, but rather the vehicle that drives mindful learning experiences for our students, from toddlers through pre-K/ kinder. It’s so magical how our students are exposed to all the concepts and activities all in Spanish, so that they gradually acquire a second language. Naturally our children begin to speak and form sentences, they are
socialized to adopt Spanish for classroom communication and subject learning. Remarkably, most students who begin the program as English speakers (or non-verbal infants coming from English speaking households) are able to develop native-like levels of comprehension in their second language within a couple of years, sometimes sooner.

While our Spanish Immersion daycare program is designed for students to learn Spanish as a second language, we welcome and encourage native Spanish speakers to participate in our program.
For Spanish-speaking students, our program aims to further develop their home language and help prevent them from abandoning the home language at an early age, a common occurrence among children that are English language learners.

How our native teachers support language skills in a social constructive approach.

Our qualified, native Spanish-speaking teachers communicate with the children using simple, clear and repetitive language. They talk about the here and now and use objects and images to introduce new concepts. In their communication with the children, our teachers use animated gestures and facial expressions, inviting posture, and a bright, happy tone of voice. These communication techniques foster an environment where even a new student with no prior exposure to the Spanish language can understand most of the classroom communication and, at the same time, feel comfortable and safe.

Teachers encourage students to speak in Spanish in the classroom once they are able. The use of Spanish is never forced, but rather encouraged using a positive approach. For example, if children are pretend playing in the Home Center using English, a teacher might join the group, kneel to their level, and insert herself into the conversation using Spanish. When a teacher hears her students interacting in Spanish, she offers verbal praise. She introduces fun games that inspire students to speak up in the target language.

Once registered your child-(dren) with our program at Tití’s Magical Spa Palace Child Drop-in center we will have all the enrollment forms ready for you to drop off anytime if the space permitted. (Please note the space is limited). There is a limited time to stay (3 hours minimum). You can build your child’s schedule; time is calculated down to the minute. Tití’s Magical Spa Palace is BEST language preschools Cypress.

How you get your child ready for the first day?

Please provide the items requested from the supplies list.

(When you are ready to enroll our admissions office will send the enrollment packet with the supply list information)

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  • Please make sure you label with your child’s first and last name all your child’s belongings, including clothes! Titi’s Magical Spa will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items.