Preschool/ Pre-kinder (3 years- 5 years old) programs

Our junior Preschool program is from 3-4 years

Drop-in programDrop in day program
Fultime programFull-Time Program runs Monday through Friday,

Part time program


(Afterschool is not included)

Part time Program options:
Monday. Wednesday. Friday

Tuesday & Thursday
All programs 7:30am to 3:30pm) Monthly recruiting tuition

Social & Emotional Growth

Preschool is a very important year in the children’s education at Tití’s Magical Spa Palace. For many of our children, it will be their first year at a school or they will spend time away from their parents. The settling process is managed very carefully, so that children are not rushed, and their experience is successful. Our class teachers assess each child individually to allow them to move through at their own speed and to ensure the best possible start for each one. There is an opportunity for all preschool children to sleep in the middle of the day and plenty of time to explore their environment both indoor and outdoor.
Learning a new language (Spanish is important to do it in an early year, as they have more plasticity to absorb any language. TMSP is giving the ability to our students to think in two worlds. At Titi’s Magical Spa Palace, teaching in the Spanish immersion modality support our student’s foundation to become bilingual children.

At Tití’s Magical Spa Palace believe that communication is the key to a great parent-teacher relationship. We encourage parents to use the two-way communication with our teachers for any questions or concerns at any time.


Tití’s Magical Spa Palace Spanish Immersion, Drop-in Center utilizes a project-based “emergent curriculum,” predicated on the ever-changing interests, ideas, and questions of children. Our provocations are often inspired by children themselves giving ample opportunity for discussion, decision-making, collaboration, and evaluation. Projects can last days or weeks depending on where it leads us. Our teachers use these projects to deliver rich educational experiences using literacy, music, art, dramatic play, motor development, math, nature, and science. Activity-based learning is the process of learning by doing. As opposed to asking kids to simply listen and take notes, activity-based learning encourages students to actively participate in their own learning experience through practical activities such as problem-solving and independent investigation.


Our Tití’s Magical Spa Palace Spanish Immersion Drop-in center and preschool are designed to be comfortable, not over stimulating, safe, and to encourage collaborative play. We take care to use natural materials and avoid garish colors that detract from a natural ambience. Snacks and meals are enjoyed family-style at tables, as teachers and children discuss accomplishments and plans for the day. Blocks, tubes, and other interesting materials provide the resources for children to build, create, experiment, and learn.
Children are provided many opportunities to work through their ideas. They are encouraged to depict their understanding of the world and their ideas through various representations. They are encouraged to revisit their representations later and if their work does not reflect what they thought it should be, they change it!

Our Tití’s Magical Spa Palace Spanish Immersion Drop-in center Reggio Emilia approach has influenced the ways in which our drop-in center environments is interpreted an opportunity for children to create their own play and explorations helps to develop independence and creative thinking. Play is driven by the children’s interests, questions, and the world that they live in. The materials available for play add to the children’s play in meaningful ways. As child guide their own play, social interactions take place and relationships are built.