Nursery Program (Toddlers)

Our nursery program is from 18 months to 35 months

Drop-in program Drop in day program
Fultime program Full-Time Program runs Monday through Friday,
Part time program

(Afterschool is not included)
Part time Program options:
Monday. Wednesday. Friday
Tuesday & Thursday
All programs 7:30am to 3:30pm) Monthly recruiting tuition

Social & Emotional Growth

At our nursery program (18– 35 month) We believe in the Childs potential to communicated, interact, and use their energy and curiosity to construct their learning. Children have a voice that is sought, valued, and shapes the life of the school, they face special transition to becoming a capable, curious, creative child. In our nursery program our children will start learning how to communicate verbally and developing the ability to share feelings and “play well with others” in a group setting. Learning a new language (Spanish is important to do it in an early year, as they have more plasticity to absorb any language. TMSP is giving the ability to our students to think in two worlds. At Titi’s Magical Spa Palace, teaching in the Spanish immersion modality support our student’s foundation to become bilingual children. Our teachers aid this process by creating a classroom atmosphere where toddlers are treated as capable individuals, whose opinions, actions, and thoughts are respected and valued. Significant emphasis is placed on modeling appropriate language and behavior, to create a respectful environment where trust, self-esteem, autonomy, communication, and teamwork are represented.We encourage parents to use the two-way communication with our teachers for any questions or concerns at any time.


At Tití’s Magical Spa Palace Spanish Immersion Drop-in center we offer a play base learning approach, where a child are expose to a full exploration that fosters a child’s attention span at this age requiring flexibility, compassion, and patience. Play based learning immerses our students in local heritage, cultures, landscapes, opportunities, and experiences, using these as a foundation for the study of language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and other subjects across the curriculum. Our early learning teachers follow the same Reggio-inspired principles as for older children. At this age we begin to introduce project work that reward curiosity, investigation, and discovery for each child. AtTití’s Magical Spa Palace teachers take physical and verbal cues from toddlers to develop “real world” projects, allowing children to explore their surroundings in a meaningful way.

At Tití’s Magical Spa Palace our children are exposed to emergent literacy, music, art, dramatic play, sensory, motor-development, science, nature, and pre-math experiences on a regular basis through project work. These include skills in problem-solving, art and music, as examples. The level of facility that children develop in these areas is heavily dependent upon early experiences. Educational experiences are designed to be age-appropriate and personally challenging, and the learning process is more valued than the finished product.

Global cognition is enhanced by stimulation in specific sense modalities

The benefit a child receives from stimulation in a particular sense modality is not limited only to skills directly connected with that area. Early exposure to and participation with complex music, visual experiences or multiple languages facilitates development not only in music or art or language ability but results in an enhanced ability to think and understand more generally.

Classroom Environment

Our Tití’s Magical Spa Palace Spanish Immersion Drop-in center and preschool are designed to be comfortable, not over stimulating, safe, and to encourage collaborative play. We take care to use natural materials and avoid garish colors that detract from a natural ambience. Snacks and meals are enjoyed family-style at tables, as teachers and children discuss accomplishments and plans for the day. Blocks, tubes, and other interesting materials provide the resources for children to build, create, experiment, and learn.
Children are provided many opportunities to work through their ideas. They are encouraged to depict their understanding of the world and their ideas through various representations. They are encouraged to revisit their representations later and if their work does not reflect what they thought it should be, they change it!